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Update Sept 2015:

After many years in the making, we are in process of custom Beta units for a select few. Some are already requested by rock stars, but not until ready which is both a promise and a curse as you might expect from anxious users.

Hyper-Expression is just the starting point. We believe SoulPedal® could be a new use case other areas of control such as in sports. Imagine a surfer segway for ensured balance for learners (or a surf master when reversed for extreme carving). Or imagine twisting your foot to control volume or intensity, or swiping your foot for more features. This technology could even help the physically challenged in new ways (and we’d love to hear how this could help you).

A common complaint for musicians is that they have to look for their pedals while playing and singing, (along with the mess of pedals that take up limited stage space). SoulPedal® makes it easier because you don’t have to look down at all, and you can be Anywhere On Stage™. These solutions are huge but also challenging. Fortunately, the introduction of motion sensing for drone use is accelerating use cases in these newer fields.

SoulPedal® allows for musician effects control using natural body motions and is equipped with remote On/Off using foot Gesture Recognition. We have also passed the first hurdle in Foot Tracking™ as required for Multi-pedal control from anywhere.

Unlike any other products on the market today, there are none so easy to use, only 3oz and a natural insole fit with versatility to follow. Initial units will include MIDI out, an optional classic analog Wah-Wah with True By-pass, and several other goodies including Foot Sensitivity, Curve Response Profile, and a classic Buffer/Driver.

21- Owner/Inventor

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